Taika University consists of 6,666 anime-styled hand-drawn left-facing NFTs with over 140 unique traits that are algorithmically generated launching November 22nd!





Post launch, we will be donating to multiple STEM organizations in order to help advancements in our society today, for the better. The amount of advancements that have happened in STEM the last ten years is completely astonishing. We know that the possibilities are completely endless and want to encourage others to get in the field to change the world.

Community Fund

We at Taika University absolutely love our community, and to give back we will be creating a community fund. This fund will be financed with 20% of the funds from the initial sale. They will be used to do such things as sweep the floor, giveaways, royalties, and much more to be decided on by the community


Members of our community that are holding a Taika NFT shall receive a free airdropped male student to pair with their female student counterpart.


Post-launch, every week, if Taika hits a certain amount of SOL traded on secondary marketplaces. We will be paying off the student debt of one or more holder(s) that week. Holders will have the ability to apply and then either the community will vote on the winner or the winner will be randomly selected each week. If the goal is not reached within in that week, the previous amount will carry over to the next week.

Meet The Team






Art & Design


Community Manager



Taika University has slots for 6,666 students.

mint price?

0.5 SOL

mints per transaction?

Maximum of 1 Taika per transaction.

Where can I buy?

You'll be able to mint them on release date on our official website. Once the collection has been sold out, it will be available to buy/sell on secondary marketplaces such as Solanart/SolSea/DigitalEyes.

Where can we see rarity?

Post-launch, we will be relieving the rarities via our website site, and through the site "How Rare Is".

Will there be any gas fees?

On Solana, gas fees are non-existent.

When is launch?

November 22nd 2021, 17:00 EST

Will there be royalties?

The royalties will be set to 6%

Will I own the copyright to my Taika NFT?

The current holder of any Taika NFT would own the rights to that image/NFT.